Alternative to Incarceration is a four-month program for juvenile offenders referred by Family Court. The central goal is to develop a sense of self worth and improve self-esteem in participants. Within a safe, clean, secure and "family-like" environment, services are provided to participants on a daily basis.
Services consist of:
    • Educational Training
      • Classic Skills, Computer Training and Physical Education 
    • Vocational Instruction
      • Classroom Instruction, Community Service and Job Placement Training 
    • Counseling Services
      • Group Sessions and Individual Sessions
      • Drug Counseling and Anger Management 
    • Field Trips
      • Museums, Hiking, Festivals, Fairs, Earth Day Clean Up Program, etc.
    • Re-Entry Program 
      • Return to School Assistance, Marking Period Reviews, Resume Preparation

Partnership Enhances Success!
Program Partners
Juvenile Justice Commission
 Union County Probation Department
 Division of Youth & Family Services
Trinitas Hospital
Local Union County School Districts
Children & Family Services